Water Damage Insurance Claim

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Water Damage

Nuñez And Associates will help you obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to receive with your water damage insurance claim in Miami Dade, Broward and throughout the state of Florida.

One of the most common types of property damage in South Florida is water damage. Water damage in Miami can occur in both residential and commercial real estate. There are various types of water damage and each kind of damage has specific water mitigation methods. Depending upon the cause of the water damage and area of the property that absorbs the damage will determine the severity. It’s essential that when dealing with water damage that the problem be addressed as quickly, because water damage can cause tangential issues like mold and corrosion. Whether you’ve had an AC leak, pipe break, dishwasher water leak, shower leaks, and or pan leaks, Nuñez And Associates will look at the detailed and complete damage of the water both inside and outside your home or business.

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We serve more than just Miami concentric neighborhoods. Nuñez And Associates, been serving the Miami greater area for water damage insurance claims for over 20 years. Since then, our human resources and agility enables us to assist home owners as far as Sunrise, Plantation, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Hollywood, Hallandale, and many other surrounding areas/cities. Don’t wait or hesitate to call a public adjuster to come out and access your damage. Water can cause structural damage, flood damage, and hard to get rid of mold damage.

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Call Nunez and Associates today! Commercial or Residential damages. We are ready to assist you 24/7

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Sometimes other adjusters and insurance companies will rip you off due to your honest ignorance. A professional public adjuster like Nuñez And Associates has seen many cases of water damage and our experience enables us to spot all possible damage both current and long-term and make sure your claim yields the max award amount. Put your insurance dollars to work by hiring the right public adjuster.

Water Damage can cause extensive damage to your home, business or complex. Making sure you collect for every item is critical, as you rely on this money to put your home, business, or complex back to pre-loss condition.

There are many causes of Water Damage:

  • A Pipe burst: Usually occurs in the wall or underground
  • A Pipe leak: Usually occurs under a sink
  • An A/C leak: Usually caused from overflowing drip pans or leaky hoses
  • A Hose leak: Usually occurs from a ruptured dishwasher hose, washing machine hose, or refrigerator line
  • A sewer line backup: Usually resulting in overflowing water and/or waste into the home or business
  • A Hot Water Heater leak: This is a common occurrence as old water heaters tend to rust and leak from the bottom of the unit
  • Roof Leak: Roof leaks are very common in South Florida, but many times the roof itself may not be covered. However, what may be covered is the damage that occurs inside the home or business once the water gets inside

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